Friday, April 29, 2005

Tink, Tink, CLANK

What IS that noise?

It's the sound of the Mariners tinkering with their bench, as only they can. After giving Shin-Soo Choo a grand total of ONE trip to the plate since his call-up, the Mariners signed veteran wet-bag-of-not-very-much (just a sight better than nothing) Dave Hansen. According to Grover, the plan is to get him into shape in Tacoma, and then get him onto the bench where he can ply his trade.

Oh boy. I'm so excited. Dave has a grand total of eight dingers in the last four years, hitting .253. That, as my good friend Rick Rizzs would say, "is good clutch hitting." The good news? He's not right-handed.

In other news, Project Keep The Dream of Willie Alive got new legs, as Wee Willie strapped on the tools of ignorance in a never-ending effort to find relevance. I just can't bring myself to say anything more than the TNT did (it's the same story linked above). Some good stuff in there as the team gets some good laughs at Willie's expense.


At 11:02 AM, Blogger Tad said...

Given that Hargrove had to let Wilson bat in a tie game in the 7th with runners on, Valdez lead off the 8th in a tie game, and he had to let Wilson and Valdez bat again in the ninth with men on, I'm thinking that Dave Hansen might be pretty handy to have around. Of course he would help more in Dobbs' spot than Choo's, but since Grover isn't using Choo anyway...

At 4:16 PM, Blogger Brian said...

I do agree that Dave Hansen is an improvement -- man, the bar sure is low for THAT statement to be true -- but you've got to agree that this is not the kind of move that gets you excited as a fan. Of course, you've got to do what you can...maybe this is all that can be done for now.

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