Thursday, June 16, 2005

Game Recap: M's 5, Phillies 1

As I was walking out to the car from the office last night I got a call on my cell phone. It was my uncle telling me he had an extra ticket for the game that started in 90 minutes and that he was on his way to pick me up. Cool.

I was just outside the front gates by the will-call window, waiting for him to return with our tickets, when I heard the radio call of the first pitch. Man, you've got to love the fact that they pipe the radio broadcast all over the walking areas of the stadium -- the only thing wrong with that is the fact that you can hear our broadcast team. I won't waste any space here on those lame buffoons (Dave excepted --I still like him, even if he is losing it).

The Phillies had scored a run before I made it up the stairs to the field level. Not a good start. We're in for a long night, right? Don't be so hasty.

A quick visit to the beer vendor, and I'm in my seat in time for the bottom of the first, just in time to see Ichiro! hit a moon shot of a home run off the sixth pitch. I have to tell you, I didn't think it was going to make it out. But the ball just kept on carrying until it just managed to get over the fence. Padilla seemed a bit rattled, and Winn managed to work him for an 8 pitch walk. Two batters, 14 pitches. Wild.

Raul reaches on a FC (on a 2-1 pitch that looked like ball three), then big Sexy absolutely crushes a ball off the wall for an RBI double. And so it went. Sele alternately got into and out of trouble for the rest of the game, managing to keep the team with the second best BA in the NL from hurting him when it counted. My favorite Sele moment was in the 6th inning, with his pitch count approaching 100. He gives up a lead off double to Utley, then forces the next two batters to ground out to the left side (Hansen and Morse, BTW), holding the runner at 2nd. Granted, these two batters were Bell and Lieberthal, so we shouldn't be TOO surprised that they failed to move the runner over, but Sele got out of the jam all the same.

Then Villone came in and simply shut the Philly's down. In order. For two innings.

And then there was Michael Morse. But I'll save that for a separate post.


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