Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Haiku Game Log

Random baseball thoughts,
spiced with haiku, where form rules,
function, not so much.

The kids go to bed
late tonight. I'm missing the
game. 6th inning. Crap.

Sele faces Swisher,
who's hot tonight. Walk him? No
way. Ground out, sit down.

Jose Lopez hits
a dinger, then a double,
both foul. Keep it fair...

Danny Haren is
one shaggy looking hombre.
Get a trim, Danny.

Rick Rizzs catches pop
foul on the air, giggles like
a bloody schoolgirl.

Hit and run, well done,
Winn overruns slow roller.
Safe at third. Gadzooks.

Kielty takes Villone
deep. He's shaggy too. Oakland
barber on DL?

Nellie in. Hit. Walk.
Grooves Kotsay some bat candy.
6-2. Drive safely.


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