Thursday, June 16, 2005

It was Worst the of Morse, it was the Best of Morse

After the 4th inning, I was thinking to myself, Mike Morse is not going to sleep well tonight. Not at all. He's made three mistakes of varying magnitude so far, and he's a rookie. Yikes. The details:

2nd inning: MM walks and is then caught stealing. Pat Borders, at the plate at the time, was so distraught at this that two pitches later he let the bat slip out of his arthritic fingers, and sent it tumbling through the air into the Philly dugout. Then he struck out. It took eight pitches, though. Not bad for an old man.

OK, so you've been caught stealing. These things happen. How are you going to recover?

3rd inning: Lofton grounds to second with a runner on first. Tailor-made double play ball. Martinez comes in to second hard, and Morse (as he is apparently wont to do) puts a little extra on the throw, which pulls the SIX FOOT EIGHT Big Sexy off the bag, and Lofton is safe. Incidentally, Morse pulled Big Sexy off the bag with high throws four times last night, including this one, but Richie was able to get back down in time to make the other plays.

4th inning: David "thank God he's no longer an M" Bell grounds to short with a runner on first. Utley comes in hard to second (this happened MANY times tonight -- runners trying to break up double-plays), Boone jumps up, and instead of putting more on the throw and having it sail on him, which Morse tends to do when he's pressing, Boone takes a little off the throw -- it is Bell, after all -- and the throw winds up low but playable by Big Sexy, who fields the hop cleanly. Maybe MM makes a note. Maybe not.

In the bottom of the 4th, Morse gets a hit. Hey. Maybe things are looking up. Then Borders lines out to third, and Morse is doubled off at first. Oops. End of the inning.

Not a very good hour's worth of effort.

In the 6th, Morse singled again, this time with Hansen on first. Now he's 2-2 with a walk, on the plus side. Borders grounds out to SS, but Morse comes in with a fine hard slide and there is no throw. With Pat Borders Running. That is some slide. Maybe things are looking up for Morse.

Another chance for a put out in the seventh, again with the high throw but no harm. Then, with every-other-day Eddie warming up in the pen to close out our 3-1 lead, MM Takes the second pitch from Cormier out. I didn't see how deep it was out there in the left field seats, but it was one of those line-drive shots that make you so dang glad you're a baseball fan. The ball was rushing for the seats like it was late for a job interview. Nice hit, young man. Your first big league dinger. Very nice.

So, all in all, I suppose Mr. Morse slept just fine last night after all. Just get those throws down, son. Get 'em down.


At 11:38 AM, Blogger Tad said...

The high throw is definitely a part of the Morse arsenal. It may come in pretty handy having a 6 foot eight man-mountain at first.

At 3:47 PM, Blogger Jason said...

This kills me. This is like a professional basketball player sucking ass at free throws. There is no excuse. Moreover, Morse will NEVER be the Shaq of baseball, so he can't offset his utter inability to perform the most routine of his duties as a shortstop (throwing the ball to first base) by, say, being good at the plate. I'm sorry to continue to doubt Mr. Morse, but I do. Eeesh.


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