Monday, July 25, 2005

A couple of novel ideas

Driving home, about 7:20 tonight, listening to the ballgame which was in the bottom of the first inning:

Ron Fairly: "The Mariners have to hit the ball. That'll take care of pitching, defense, whatever. They have to score some runs. If they can get three or four runs, that'll take the pressure off the pitching."

Rick Rizzs: "The Mariners sure have had trouble scoring runs this year."

Analysis: Really? So if they score some runs, they might win the game? What a novel idea!

A minute or so later ...

Ron Fairly: "One of the keys to the game is that the Mariners have to keep the ball in the ballpark. They have to stop giving up home runs."

Rick Rizzs: "Twenty-two out of the last forty runs given up by the Mariners have been off the home run."

Analysis: Really? Keep it in the ballpark? I thought you were supposed to let the opponent bash the ball out of the park!

If only we'd known this earlier. Thanks for the insights, Ron.


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