Sunday, July 10, 2005


Nosing through the Calgary Sun as well as the brief hotel-based internet browsing I've done since we left town last Tuesday, one undeniable truism has come to light: the M's are hot!

Could DFA-ing Boone have been a wake-up call for this team, or is this just one of those short-term bursts of energy that you see when, for example, the manager gets axed? Either way, sweeping aside the Angels is an impressive accomplishment any year, much less during another down-in-the-dumps season like the one we're currently experiencing.

Noteworthy: for over a month now, despite the overall inconsistency, personnel changes, rampant rumors, the transition to youth and a rather difficult schedule, the Mariners have been playing essentially .500 ball. The younger guys are beginning to come around and are going to have a full half-season to further acclimate to the majors before the heightened expectations of next year.

At least there had better be heightened expectations ...


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