Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pitch counts help Mariners. Not in the way you think.

The M's beat the Royals today 2-1. They got to Jaime Cerda for 2 runs after KC starter Zack Greinke was pulled after 6 innings and 86 pitches. He was apparently on a strict pitch count of 85 to 90 pitches and the M's were happy to see him go.

Of course no one saw the game because there was no TV at all, but here are a few notes from the boxscore and and Gameday.

Wilson Valdez was picked off and thrown out stealing. Is Ozzie Guillen our manager?

On Monday Ryan Franklin threw 83 pitches in 8 2/3 innings and today Shiggy threw 6 pitches to get 4 outs. The Royals might be a shade too agressive, methinks.

On the other hand, "Every Day that my Hammy feels OK" Eddie threw 24 pitches to get the save. He just doesn't seem right. He went to a full count on the last 3 batters, sandwiching a pair of strikeouts around a walk.

A little too much bunting in this game for me. Reed bunting in the first inning? Where's Earl Weaver when you need him! Pitching, Defense, 3 run Homeruns? You cant give away outs like that. Then in the 5th after a leadoff double from Winn, Hargrove had Olivo try to bunt him over. It ended badly when he hit it back to the Grienke who got Winn at third. You are bunting to give Valdez RBI opportunities? That's just not right.

In the two run 7th, Hargrove had Winn bunt Ibanez and Boone over, setting up Olivo with one out. It worked, especially when Wild Thing MacDougal wild pitched in the go-ahead run, but its not great strategy. You don't take the bat away from Winn to set up Olivo, at least until Olivo hits for a decent stretch. I'm surprised Royals manager Tony Pena didn't walk Olivo to get to Valdez.

If Grover wants to bunt Valdez (and Pokey once he gets back), great, I'm all for it. But you don't bunt with Winn unless its the ninth and you are tied or down a run.

We want more of those 7 run innings from Monday. You don't get those giving up outs!