Thursday, August 04, 2005

All Hail!

The King has arrived and he was just as good as advertised. After first inning jitters (single, walk, walk, single), no doubt brought on by Rizzs invoking Edwin Nunez, the kid pitched great.

The run in the third had more to do with Wiki's essential Wikiness (SB, passed ball) than what Felix was dealing. 4 K's and only the two first inning walks, plus each K ended an inning. That's a great way to walk to the dugout. I was especially pleased with the 5th, where he needed a low pitch inning just to stay in and he goes 1-2-3 wiht his 4 th K. Nice.

The Felix Hernandez Era has officially begun and I have the scorecard to prove it.

Long Live the King!


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