Thursday, December 15, 2005

Jurassic Carl?


Carl Everett? Are you kidding me? I suppose a one year deal with a vestible option isn't the worst news in the world. And supposing that Everett can survive the transition from a good hitters park in Chicago to a pitchers park at the Safe, he might provide a little power and OBP from the left hand side.

And even if we forget for a moment that the signing pushes the Raul Ibanez Experience back out into the outfield, which I was okay with for the right DH, this is still a terrible move.

I don't need 25 Dan Wilsons, I really don't. Hell, I've criticized the Mariners for getting too attached to players because they were good guys. But there is a lot of evidence that Carl Everett is a truly distasteful person. Off the charts bad, really, really bad. And after watching the Philadelphia Eagles season just implode because of one extended tantrum from a star player, I'm just kinda dumbsquizzled that the Mariners would bring in a guy of Everett's dubious quality. I'd rather have had Milton Bradley if we were going to bring in a "bad guy." Shoot I'd rather roll the dice on a Manny Ramirez deal then have to watch a guy who admitted to child neglect on my hometown 9.

This is a terrible move from every angle, it really is. If this offseason ends up as Johjima and this, Bavasi might as well pack his bags.


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