Friday, March 03, 2006

Fire Bavasi Now!

Oh Lord.

Sitting here listening to Niehaus interview GM Bill Bavasi during the game, it is evident that the man has gone off the deep end. You know what, Bill? There's no shame in calling a spade a spade.

In response to a question from Dave Niehaus about the current and ridiculous notion that Willie Bloomquist is ONLY not going to start at second base because his versatility makes him "too valuable" to start, Bavasi responded that Bloomquist "has made himself into a good player. If he ended up starting at second base, that would be a good thing for him and a good thing for us." Bavasi ultimately agreed with Niehaus's prompt, and certainly it SOUNDS like he's just trying to cushion Willie's ego.

But...seriously? Do we fear that Bloomquist's psyche is so fragile that telling him he blows chunks as a major league batter that it will destroy his one positive value, the ability to run fast? We already gave him a frackin' two-year contract. What more ego massaging does he require?

Is Bavasi unaware that Willie has a career .308 On Base Percentage? (Or that such a mark is pretty much scraping the bottom end of major leaguers?) The only guys that can get away with that low of an OBP are those who hit the ball extremely hard when they do make contact, but Bloomquist is actually an antonym for power (career SLG of .341, or .CCCXLI...shoot, that even looks pathetic in Roman numerals). Willie is an excellent base stealer and an adequate defender in the middle infield, but he can't hit or walk his way on base. I've said it before, but the sole value of someone like Bloomquist is as a pinch runner who could take the field if necessary. That he's even being talked about as competition for the starting second base job is a clear symptom of insanity.

It's too perfect for insanity, seems that Bavasi's comments were too contrived.

Wait, I've got it! Bill Bavasi is clearly a Cylon.


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