Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Yesterday Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal reported that the Mariners were interested in Washington outfielder Alfonso Soriano. Today both the Times and PI notebooks pick up the thread.

Rosenthal reported that the Nationals would want Adam Jones. That would be in line with the other players they want, Philip Hughes from the Yankees and Ervin Santana or Howie Kendrick from the Angels.

Soriano is a guy who is a little overrated based on good homerun totals. He is a serious hacker who doesn't walk much. He probably wouldn't hit well in Safeco Field, which is tough on right-handed power hitters. Just ask Beltre and Sexson.

On the other hand he would be a huge upgrade over Carl Everett. Just huge. Yooge, even. Having a real hitter at DH (either Soriano or Ibanez would play there, with the other one in left) would be a nice boost to the offense.

Soriano is a serious rent-a-player, by the way. He supposedly wants 15 mil per year, no way the M's are giving that to him, so he's moving on after this season.

The bottom line? I would love to see the M's pick up Soriano, but not if the cost is Adam Jones. That's too much. I can see Hargrove giving up on Jones after 3 games, but I hope the organization doesn't. Washington GM Jim Bowden is a little wacky though, if you could pick him up for a couple of random minor league arms I'd be all for it.


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