Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Felix IS our King!!

THAT, my friends, is WHY we are fans of baseball.

How about the solid hitting against Dice-K in the mentally challenging first-ever-Fenway-start? How about the poise of young King Felix?

This team has SO much potential. It's built on a number of gambles (can HoRam, Weaver, and Batista fill enough innings and keep us in the game? Can Guillen hit and stay healthy and out of jail? Can Beltre, Sexy, J-Lo, and YuBet perform with consistency at above-average levels?), so all methods of prediction (like my own) will tend to be gloomy.

But on nights like this one, you can't help but smile like Felix after the J.D. Drew seeing-eye single, and think "what if."

Thanks, King!


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