Monday, June 18, 2007

Well, that really sucked

Just when the M's have imbued us with optimism and got us scoreboard watching, they go and pull this.

One painful 5 game losing streak later and we're back to wondering whether we should trade Ichiro. They had us! And then they lost us.

I know it was a Sunday, a traditional day to get your bench guys in the lineup, Beltre is hurt, Guillen is sore, but the eight guys Numbnuts ran out there really shows how poorly this team is constructed:

CF Ichiro
3B Lopez
2B Vidro
LF Ibanez
1B Sexson
RF Broussard
Ca Johjima
SS Betancourt

Lopez is passable at 2nd, but not a 3rd baseman, Vidro is as bad as advertised at 2nd and Broussard is a pretty mediocre 1st baseman stuck in the outfield. If I were Washburn, I think I would have refused the ball. I know Ellison is no great shakes, but if you won't play your backup outfielder when your starter is hurt, why keep him around?

I guess I'm glad Hargrove is being creative about Beltre being out instead of just plugging Outquist in at third and moving on, but again, if your backup infielder is so bad that you can't play him, maybe you need a different backup infielder!

And! Ron Fairly? Are you kidding me? I'm fine with Blowers getting a series off but Captain Obvious? At one point yesterday, with the M's down 5, he starts up on the "What the Mariners need are a few baserunners," crap. Seriously! Baserunners? Somebody get word to Hargrove! We need baserunners! But before I can say a word, my wife says, "Honey, easy. Easy." She knows I'm this close to reaching through the TV and thrashing Fairly within an inch of his life! Blarg!


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