Saturday, April 16, 2005

The World According to Fairly

Mariners lose to the White Sox 6-4. They were no-hit for 6 and a third by Sox pitcher Jon Garland, who is not exactly Nolan Ryan over there (career ERA:4.66 with less than 5 Ks per nine).

Still Piniero pitched okay, but at least he was out there, Boonie had a couple of two run singles and Matt Thornton actually was effective for an inning and a third.

The Mariners had a rally in the ninth. After the second of Bert's two run singles, Winn reached to load the bases. The weakness of the Mariners bench was exposed yet again though as Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen was able to bring in a right hander to turn Spiezio around to his less-effective left hand side and get an out. Then Hargrove was left with Greg Dobbs to pinch hit for Olivo. Good night everyone and drive safely!

Best part of the game though was this exchange between Neihaus and Fairly on the radio in the 7th after Boonie had gotten the Mariners their first two runs.

Neihaus (excitedly): ...and the Mariners will bring the tying run to the plate!
Fairly: And they also bring the tying run to the plate.
Awkward Pause
Neihaus: Yes. That's what I just said.
Fairly: Luis Vizcaino, warming up in the White Sox Bullpen.