Monday, May 16, 2005

May 15 Live Game Report

Lucky enough to be there for the M's taking the rubber game of the 3 game series with Boston. Fun game, some good hitting by the M's, Meche pitched okay, not great. The Ortiz-ManRam tag team has to be the toughest twosome in the AL doesn't it? Its hard to pitch to those two with runners on without them doing some damage.

Couple of random comments from the game:

Olivo's back! After dogging him in his first two at-bats (not heckling him mind you, just quietly remarking to my brother-in-law, "This guy hasn't had a hit in May!"), Olivo responded with an infield single and a home run. I will continue to dog him before every at-bat the rest of the way, as he later doubled.

Lots of Sox fans but it wasn't overpowering, like say, attending a game against the Blue Jays in the late eighties. Sundays used to be half price seniors day, and I swear I went to some games in Augusts and Septembers past, that were attended by my wife and I and about 4,500 Canadian senior citizens. Good times! Anyway, the Sox folks started about three "Let's Go, Red Sox!" chants, but they were all pretty quickly drowned out.

With a one-run lead, we saw Shiggy, Putz and Guardado. Yay! No sign of Villone or Nellie, not a whiff of Thornton. I'm not going to get too excited and assume it signals a sea change in reliever usage for Grover. Let's just say I've been burned before. But I will let myself get a little hopeful.

Finally, if you are the Dad of the little boy sitting next to us in section 127, I've got Josh's glove. Let me know where I can send it.


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