Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hiya Grover!

Is it possible that Mark Hargrove reads this site? After criticizing his bullpen usage in my last post, there was Mateo pitching with M's down by only one run in Friday's 14 to 7 victory over Boston. An lo and behold, Julio held the Bosox down until the M's rejuvenated offense could complete the comeback! Nice managing skip!

It got even better as Villone came in for mop-up duty! The role he is most suited for. Of course he gave up a run, but that's why it should be his role.

Between the offense and the pen we are just going to ignore the face that another Mariner starter got shelled and couldn't even make it 5 innings despite a being handed a bunch of runs. Yep, we're ignoring it.

And, uh, Grover, if you're listening, Bloomquist and Dobbs are killing you off the bench and Aaron Sele is D-O-N-E.


At 9:20 AM, Blogger Jason said...

MARK Hargrove might well be reading the blog, but that wouldn't do us much good.... ;)


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