Thursday, April 28, 2005

Running the Gauntlet

Despite how early it still is, the stretch of the next nineteen games will tell us an awful lot about the Mariners' chances in 2005.

Between now and May 20 (when we host the San Diego Padres to open interleague play), the Mariners schedule includes one more with Texas, three-game series against each of Oakland and the Angels, and then away-and-home sets totaling six games each against Boston and the Yankees.


By May 20th, if the Mariners are within a game of .500 (where we sit right now), I will be a great deal more confident that this team can compete as constructed for the AL West this season.


At 10:46 AM, Blogger Tad said...

If you were to be sitting at the end of May within a few games of first, you would have to view some of the team, as currently constructed, in a different light.

Valdez, as a free talent filler for a rebuilding club, was a nice find for Bavasi. As the starting shortstop for a contender he's a disaster.

The bench isn't a huge deal if you are not going anywhere. If it cures the club of its Dobbsian and Bloomsian afflictions so much the better. On a pennant contender though? Again a disaster.

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