Sunday, April 24, 2005

This is getting offensive!

27 innings, 3 runs. The pitchers have been pretty good in Harden, Sabathia and Cliff Lee. But 3 runs! Puh-lease.

Previously I discussed that by bringing up Choo (who he has used all of one time, for one pinch hitting appearance), Grover's right handed pinch hitting options were Bloomquist and Wilson. Of course when he has The Two Willies in the game, he has no one! He had Olivo and Valdez of course, but since he's taken them out to get more offense, its not likely he's going to use them for pinch hitting.

So there we were, bottom of the 7th, two on, two outs, and he's got no one to hit for Wilson. Actually I think I would have rather seen a left hander like Choo or even (gulp) Dobbs hit in that situation than Danny-boy. Just because you hold the bat a certain way, doesn't make you the best hitter for a given situation. Of course this all would be rendered moot if the M's had one decent right handed bat off the bench.

I don't no what to make of Olivo. I'm inclined to say that he has hit in the majors before, and he hit in the minors so we should just let him work his way out. But he looks terrible. Just terrible. His plate discipline has just completely vanished. As a White Sock, over parts of three seasons, he struck out 114 times and walked 31 (about 3.5 Ks to BBs). As a Mariner, 68 to 11 (a ratio of 6 to one!). This season he has walked once with 13 k's. He is absolutely hacking.

Okay! Today we get to take some hacks at Scott Elarton! ERA this year: 7.90. Career ERA: 5.27. Lets get some hits boys!


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