Thursday, April 21, 2005


He's real good. Real good. 8 Ks in 7 shutout innings to beat the M's 3,zip. He lowered his ERA to 0.44! Sick. And enough about that.

When can we bring Felix up? I yearn for an ace. Not a pseudo ace (Freddy Garcia). Not a "you can't believe he's still doing it" ace (Jamie Moyer). An ace! A guy that makes you say, "Hell ya!" when he starts. I know we should leave him in Tacoma to mature, but, well, I yearn.

So, the M's brought up Shin-Soo Choo from Tacoma as Speez goes on the DL. Now we can add Korea to the expanding empire of the Pacific Rim Mariners of Pugeto Soundo. Lets hope they use him more than they used Leone in his earlier call-up. Hargrove basically will pinch hit for either of the catchers, Valdez and occaisionally Reed, so Choo should get a few ABs, plus some spot starts in the OF hopefully.

Wonder who the first bat of the bench will be, Dobbs or Choo? Of course if Hargrove wants a righty to hit for Reed it's Wilson on Bloomquist.
(Foghorn Leghorn Voice) Eeeeeeeee.


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