Sunday, April 17, 2005

Distant Early Warning

Sure, it's early. Sure, it's only the ChiSox that we slapped around with a limp herring in the shape of Gil Meche's elbow. Sure, Everyday-I'm-Gonna-Have-A-Heartattack-Eddie (a.k.a. the "Second Coming" of Edwin Nunez) is terrifying on the mound.

But I would like to point out that not only do we close week two of the regular season tied for first in the division (again--sure, it's a tie at 6-6 with every other viable team in the division, only a half game ahead of Texas), but that our record is already roughly a game behind our Pythagorean W-L projection of about 7-5 (61 runs scored versus 50 runs allowed)...which might give cause to hope that the start is not ALL smoke and mirrors.

Of course, we could focus on the negative, like the atrocious bench or incredible lack of depth. But today, TO-DAY, I can continue to bask in the optimism that Spring brings with it.