Thursday, June 23, 2005

M's Win in 12!

Thank you Bobby Crosby! Bing's drop of a potential double-play ball in the 12th opened the doors for Winn and Sexson to each deliver RBI singles, the first to tie the game, the second to win it.

Boone was back in the lineup and went 1 for 4. To his credit he was more patient at the plate, working the count and getting good pitches to hit. Of course he missed most of them, but still. He also laid down a fine bunt in the 9th. Not a big fan of the sacrifice there, but I can live with it, especially with Boonie struggling.

I understand why they are playing Boone again and I certainly hope he comes out of it. I fully expect Lopez to go down for Spiezio, Pokey or Leone in the next few days. But Lopez is not only the future, he's probably the present as well. If Boone can play well enough in the next few weeks to facilitate a trade, great, but if he continues to struggle, the Mariners will need to play Lopez, both to get him ready for next season and to improve their chances of winning in this one. Its a no-brainer really.

Morse had a big hit in the 9th to tie it. If they hand Pokey the SS job when he comes back...there's going to be trouble.


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