Saturday, June 11, 2005

Well, that was ugly

Shiggy is taking most of the rap in the local dailies for the the M's 9 to 3 loss and he was the guy who gave up 6 runs in 1/3 of inning. And the one out he got was a sacrifice bunt! He was terrible, but at least it was out of character.

Thornton on the other hand surrendered two bases loaded walks. Is there a worse guy that the Mariners can bring in than Thornton with the bases loaded? Is there any reason why a hitter in that situation would ever swing with Wild Thing Thornton on the hill? Brad Wilkerson certainly had read the scouting report as he simply took 4 pitches for an easy RBI.

I like Bill Krueger, but he spent his whole post-game commentary talking about how young Morse and Rivera were and how young players make a lot of mistakes. He wrapped up his commentary by admitting that since they were giving us way more offense than the previous occupants of their positions, overall they were plus. Then why did you spend 5 minutes talking about their defense, dude? How about talking about how much Thornton sucks! Or how bad Shiggy pitched? Or Villone walking the leadoff batter in the 7th that Morse's bobble let score?

Here's another news flash, Beltre and Boone, still struggling. Beltre is hitting the ball hard, but he has all season it seems, with no results.

One more news flash: RFK. Big park. Real big.


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