Thursday, June 09, 2005

Not the Exxon ship

In a move that amuses me but will likely pay no meaningful dividend, the M's have managed to get two AAA relievers from the Padres in exchange for Wilson Valdez. Now THAT's free talent.

I wonder if Tacoma was in great need of bullpen strength?

Welcome to the Mariners organization, Michael Bumstead. Welcome, R.D. Spiehs. The latter is supposed to be a minor prospect, but his performance in Portland (and Mobile before that) this season--12 BB/20 K in 30 IP against AA and AAA competition--isn't all that impressive. Bumstead has started a few games (also in Mobile), and has equally pedestrian K/BB and K/IP rates.

Still, that we got something, anything, for Valdez is, as I said, amusing.


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