Thursday, June 02, 2005

Couple o thoughts

Just a few random observations, after enjoying a Tivo'd Mariner victory over the Jays.

Morse really is tall. I know all sorts of tall players have made it at short, its not neccessarily a disqualifier, but jeez. He's tall.

I know we can't expect Borders and Rivera to keep it up, but we have had 5 hits in two days from catchers. Ichiro must do a double take every time he comes up and there are men on.

Could a guy look more lost than Boonie this year? His triple notwithstanding. He took a bunch of bad swings last night and looks just brutal in the field. Brutal. I don't think he'll be winning any Gold Gloves this year.

Did you catch Fairly's new mantra? You have to "string some hits together." First of all, duh. Second, is he implying that the Mariners get enough hits, but that they just don't get them together? Because the Mariners are 12th in the league in hits. They just flat out need hits, strung together or not. And walks. And home runs would be helpful too.

Villone, Nelson and Thornton to protect a one run lead. Again, by nearly any measure, these are the worst three guys in the pen. The EXACT wrong guys to hold the lead. I'm glad they succeeded last night.

Funniest thing last night was listening to the M's announcing staff try to prounounce Chacin. I don't know the actual prounounciation, and neither do they. At least three of them don't, because all 4 M's announcers pronounced it differently.


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