Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ominous moves

Ignoring for the moment the M's 6-3 loss to the Spankees last night, every single note in the PI's notebook bodes poorly for the future, in my humble opinion.

The M's are looking for a backup catcher, which is fine, Rivera should be playing somewhere everyday. The candidates are Benito Santiago, which would be okay for the minimum, or Pat Borders. Borders! Are you kidding me? The guy is 42. Gillick is gone right? I don't see the fascination with Pat Borders.

They mention three other candidates, Greg Myers, Jamie Burke and Ben Davis. I think we've played the Ben Davis game before right?

Other notebook notes were that Sherrill went back to T-town after only one game and Campillo was brought up to pitch in long relief. So much for the hopes that Sherrill would be the lefty specialist and Villone and Thornton would pitch in long relief. I am guessing that Campillo is around as Sele/Mateo insurance also though. Didn't Bavasi say on TV that Sherril didn't belong in Tacoma?

Finally, Spiezio is on the way back and Hargrove is "not sure" about whether Bloomquist is being considered as a full-time shortstop. Bad and bad.

Maybe I'm just crabby after JJ gave up his second slam in 3 days. Again, he didn't load the bases but jeez.


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