Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ms beat Pads 5-3.

Quick Post on a Sunday AM. Back to back from Beltre and Big Sexxxy in the 6th inning last night. Who would have thought we'd have to wait until May 21st to see that? Other than the people who thought Sexy would be hurt all season. Like, say, me. Of course I also said yesterday that I thought Beltre was hurt and needed to go on the DL, so I'm not exactly Will Carroll over here.

On the other hand, Chris Snelling did get hurt in the Rainiers game last night. The severity is unpublished right now, but it looks like another bad break for the former M's top prospect. He was only hitting .404 while getting on base in a shade under half of his plate appearances (OBP: 484). So no big loss. Sigh....

Meche threw 117 pitches in 6 innings. Yowsa! He's over a hundred in his last 5 starts. He's not exactly what you'd call efficient is he?


At 4:09 PM, Blogger Brian said...

No, you're certainly not. He's way funnier than you are. I loved it when he did those cheerleader bits on SNL...good stuff.


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