Wednesday, May 18, 2005

M's Win!

A win! A come from behind one at that! Stankees go down 7-6. A few thoughts:

1. That was a great slide by Reed in the 8th. He shows Pay-Rod the right hand then sneaks around with the left. Alex then clearly pushes him off of the bag while keeping the glove on him, which the umpire ignores. Its much too late for me to check the official rules tonight, but I will.

2. Olivo was so pumped after his game winning single in the 8th. That was a serious fist bump he gave first base coach Carlos Garcia.

3. As bad as it has seemed the last couple of nights, the M's are 3-3 on the homestand so far. If they can get 2 out of 3 from the Pads this weekend you would have to call it an unqualfied success.

4. Congrats to Eddie on offspring number 3, but if that means Nellie and Villone are closing games, then hurry back soon! Scary, scary.

5. Favorite random Fairly line of the night. Jamie throws a ball a foot outside to Tony Womack. Red says, "The Yankees have home run hitters up and down the order, if you miss, you want to miss off the plate." Womack has no home runs this year. For his career, he hits a home run every 134 at-bats. I think it'd be safe to get a little of the plate.


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