Tuesday, June 07, 2005

M's Happenings

The Mariners down the hated Marlins 4 to 3. Nother homer from Raul, and the M's scored the go ahead runs on a walk, a HBP, an error and a sac fly. That is some offense in action.

The other news from the day was the M's drafting USC catcher Jeff Clement with the third pick in the draft. He has "Light tower power" according to Baseball America. He doesn't have the best rep defensively, but most good hitting catchers don't. If he sticks at catcher he could be a left-handed middle of the order hitter as soon as 2007. Or not. Catchers are notoriously risky first round selections, but college ones less so than high school. There was no consensus pick at number 3 and Clement is a high risk/high reward guy. I think with the 3rd pick I'd rather take that kind of guy, than something safer like a college pitcher. Someone remember I said that if he flames out 3 years.


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