Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Interleague Play

Haven't you all been dreaming of the day we meet the Marlins?? This is big. Really big. Or not.

Playing in the NL parks creates quite the little dilemma for Grover. His DH, Raul Ibanez is second on the team in OPS. Raul's defensive positions are manned by the guy ahead of him (Big Sexxxy) and the fella two spots behind him (Randy Winn). I would expect to see a lot of Raul's Big Adventure in left, with Winn in center and Reed pinch hitting for shortstops and catchers.

I think we all remember from 2004 just how bad a defensive outfield alignment that is. Big outfield in Miami, flyballers Meche and Franklin on the mound, Ibanez in left. Warning, flammable materials present.

If you are near Vegas, take the overs.


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