Friday, July 22, 2005

Quit yer bitchin'

So Mariner pitchers got the their clocks cleaned at Skydome. But do our boys take it like men, own up to their limitations and promise to get better? No, they really don't.

Franklin bitched about the Jays stealing signs, going so far as to take a couple of steps towards Orlando Hudson to, um, discuss the matter with him. Hey Franky! How bout you guys change the signs! Instead of complaining about it, fix it!

In his post-game interview in the PI, Franklin changes tactics and begins channelling Jeff Fassero. "It was three bad pitches that cost me seven good innings," he said. Ryan, you gve up 8 runs. You gave up 12 hits. There are a little more than 3 mistakes in there. And you only went 5 and two thirds innings. So there.

The next night, there is Joel doing the same damn thing. "I made one mistake, really. It was to Hillenbrand," Pineiro said. "I tried to get it up and in and it was just down and in." At least Joel did pitch pretty decently other than the big 3rd inning. Still the homer to Russ Johnson in the 2nd wasn't a mistake? The two walks in the 6th? All perfect pitches that the umpire missed?

In other news, the M's "reversed" the Snelling demotion. And got him 2 ABs in 3 games. Which sadly is progress.


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