Sunday, July 17, 2005

Snelling goes back to T-Town

In 10 games on the roster, the Mariners got Snelling, 7 plate appearances. Less than one a game.

Dude was hitting 363/447/540 in AAA and they can't figure out a way to use him.

Just to refresh your memory, the Mariners are last in the American League in runs scored. They are last in Batting Average. They are last in On-Base-Percentage. Last in slugging. Last in home runs. Granted they play in a pitchers ballpark. They could still use a little help.

You could argue that Snelling needs more time in Tacoma. That he needs to play a full season without getting hurt. Fine. Why bring him up? If you are going to bring him up, you cannot tell me that he doesn't deserve a chance to help this team.

Of course you CAN tell me, I just won't listen. Actually I'll be the one with my hands over my ears, singing, "obla di, obli da, life goes on..."


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