Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Whither Boone??

Despite the PI reporting yesterday that a trade for Boone was "unlikely," rumors are flying regarding potential suitors.

I believe that the 3 most likely destinations are:

1. San Diego. The Padres are currently leading the NL West. Starting 2b Mark Loretta is hurt and when he gets back, starting 3B Sean Burroughs is terrible. If Boone plays decent for the Padres, Loretta can flop over to 3rd when he comes off the DL. Boone previously played for the Pads and was well liked there. San Diego has no cash to spend so the M's would have to pick up nearly all of Boone's salary. As we well know, this year's M's budget has no effect on next year's, so as a fan, you don't really care whether the M's pay Boone for the rest of the year or not.

2. New York Mets. The Letsgos are 10 games out in the NL East and 5.5 back of Atlanta for the wildcard. They are only a game under .500 though. Kaz Matsui is taking it badly from the fans and playing poorly. As we know the Mets love to make moves to get headlines in the battle for hearts and minds of New Yorkers.

3. Minnesota. The Twins need middle infield help bad. They've lost a gaggle of second basemen and shortstops to injury this season, and have a deep farm system. They also would need the M's to pick up nearly all of Boone's salary.

And really you can't discount the Yankees. Robinson Cano has played pretty well for them, hitting 280 with a little power. However if the Yankees are in it, George is going to want to make a move and he and Torre both prefer "proven veterans" over young players. Also King George would love to keep the Mets from getting him. There is a Boston rumor and a Dodgers rumor both of which have been denied, but still they exist.

It only takes one GM to think that Boone can turn it around to make a trade happen. Given his past production, surely one guy will bite. After all the corpse of Robbie Alomar got traded each of the last two years at the deadline.


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