Thursday, June 30, 2005

White Flag and Grab Bag

What IS Mike Hargrove's obsession with using Matt Thornton in close games? Why on earth do you summon White Flag to the mound in the 7th inning of a winnable game, down but 4-2????

His proper role, if he has to be on the major league club, is as mop-up reliever. Or does Grover think that being down 4-2 to the A's in the 7th is already a loss? Ggguh!

Moreover, having coughed up the predictable 2 runs to make it 6-2 (still not a blowout, but much more difficult), why THEN bring in Grab Bag to hold the game (among other things) close in the eighth???? If you really wanted to get him some work, then why not, I don't know, use a major league-quality reliever in the 7th?

Put simply, I do not understand Mike Hargrove's bullpen usage. Rant over. Return to your lives.


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