Sunday, August 14, 2005

Depression and Elation

Its hard to reconcile the highs and lows of the last week or so in Mariner-dom.

The Felix home debut was the most fun I've had at a baseball game since 95. It was that good. Electric.

But almost everything else this week has been an absolute disaster. Snelling is hurt, again. Franklin is back and apparently going to be trotted out there every 5 days. Jeff Harris is rewarded for his two solid performances by being kicked back to the pen. The Angels, admittedly a much better team, go for a sweep today. We were subjected to FOX announcers soooo bad on Saturday, that a three man booth with Fairly, Hendu and Buhner sounded like a great idea!

The club, desperate for offense, makes the bizarre decision to carry a 13th pitcher rather than someone to either DH or play OF. Scott Fucking Spiezio apparently is going to be allowed to play while Morse sits. Hmmm, play the young guy who might improve or play the post-roid role player who has no chance of helping this club, this year or next. Choo is not hitting at Tacoma, Reed is stumbling badly at the big league level.

Bleak. Bleak. Bleak.

But Monday all will be right again. The King is on the hill and I'm in the 5th row.


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