Tuesday, March 07, 2006

World Beltre Classic

Yo, Adrian!

It's good to see Adrian Beltre hitting the ball with authority. He looked distinctly unlike most of the times I got to see him last season; more comfortable and confident, but also with the easy power that he exploded with in 2004 to earn so much money.

Here's hoping.

Meanwhile, how about the announcing crew of ESPN demonstrating their absolute unfamiliarity with how fans from Latin America would treat these games? Are they unaware of the phenomenon of that other sport that's sort of popular, futbol (soccer)? I've NEVER been anywhere more electric or exciting than Estadio Azteca last summer for the first division championship game in the Mexican League. But if you watch soccer around the world (pro, world cup, whatever), the fans are absolutely into the game. Everywhere but the US.

There's something here about the role of sport in forming identity, but now we're getting way too serious for a Mariners blog.


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