Thursday, May 18, 2006

Life Wasted

"You're always saying that there's something wrong,..../I'm starting to believe it's your plan all along,..."

Well, at least we got smacked around last night by the AL West's first-place team. What's that? The win over the M's PUT the Athletics in first? And their 20-19 record only TIES them with the Texas Rangers for first? And the entire division blows??

Yes, yes, and yes. Get this: every single AL West team has a losing HOME record. I know, I know, it's not even Memorial Day yet (ahhh, but that's only a little over a week away), but this is eerie. The only decent teams in the entire American League are Boston and New York. I still refuse to acknowledge the White Sox as a legitimate team, although they're sporting the best record in the AL (well, tied with Detroit, who can't really be for real, can they? Can they?).

All of this means that we Mariners fans can latch on to EXACTLY that sense of "youneverknow" sort of wishful thinking that pre-Tatonka M's fans made an annual part of their baseball fandom. The M's would hang around for a month, two, or even three, and be within a perfectly reasonable number of games of first place in the division...only to completely collapse in August and September (or what's worse, to continue playing horribly while the good teams finally put everything together and pulled away from the pack).

"Oh I erased it,... A life wasted,.../I'm never going back again."


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