Saturday, April 29, 2006

Harbinger of Doom?

I usually think the M's manager is gone when Dave Niehaus turns on him. Dave works for the team and is usually pretty loathe to openly criticize mangerial decisions.

In the top of the seventh last night though, I think "Digital Dave" finally snapped. With one out, down 2 runs, Beltre reaches on a dropped third strike. Reed bunts. To move the runner into scoring position with two outs. With Betancourt coming up. Yep.

"Nooooooo!" Dave screams. "You need baserunners there!"

Two pitches later, you can hear the audible disbelief in his voice when: Beltre. Steals. Third. With two outs. Down two runs.

"And now, Beltre steals third. The throw is...not in time." Again, Dave's voice just drips with judgement. He's flabbergasted by it all. Especially when Yuni grounds out to end the inning.

In the fire Hargrove pool, I am now taking May 15th. When Dave turns on you, you are gone.


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