Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cleveland Rocks

I'm a little late with today's just over an hour, Seattle vs. Cleveland part II, with the M's looking to even the series after being schooled yesterday on how to win a game definitively.

Today we roll the dice again with Gil Meche (1-0, 3.38), about whom we CAN say that so far this season he hasn't injured himself (yay!). I'll stop there.

Opposing Meche is journeyman Paul Byrd (1-0, 7.50), whose travels have landed him in Cleveland as a right-handed soft-tosser who had a pretty fabulous year by his standards last year with the Angels. He gives up more fly balls than anything else, but they do not seem to leave the park at an inordinate rate, so he is in the neighborhood of a league-average pitcher...with Cleveland's offense, that'll do.

Having predicted a pretty mediocre road trip, I can't really get worked up about Cleveland beating us, but it would sure be nice if the M's would throw us a frickin' bone tonight with a W. Byrd is the weak link in the Cleveland rotation, and if ever there was a day to come out with bats firing, it's today.


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