Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh yeah! Live Game Report

Got to see the FIRST PLACE M's for the first time this season yesterday. Woot! Sunshine, cold beer, and a Mariner's win. That is a good afternoon my friends.

Paid attendance was 21,000. I was guessing 15K in the stands, but I could be a little light. It was weird to see that many empty seats. Still the crowd had pretty good energy, getting on the umps for third strikes and the close play at first on Yuniesky. I certainly sat through losses last year with bigger crowds that were absolutely dead.

Washburn was awesome. 7 K's, 1 walk, very sharp. He works fast, too.

The pen was shaky again tonight. 2-run homer for Mateo, then Sherrill puts 2 guys on in the ninth. Sherril was ahead of every batter, but he ended up full on most of them. He was either nibbling or getting squeezed.

2 more hit batsmen yesterday for 5 total in the series. Everyone seemed professional about it, but 5 in 3 games is a lot. I don't think these teams like each other.

Johjima went 1 for 3 with a single. I guess that's a slump. No homer at any rate. I'm sure Hendu pointed out that he's still on pace for 106 bombs. I think that would probably be some kind of record.

Congratulations to the girl in front of us in the Rainiers sweatshirt, who got up and danced at every possible chance, trying desparately to get on the big screen. Finally in the 8th her prayers were answered and she got her 5 seconds of fame.

Jason previewed tonight's game better than I ever could. A win tonight would put them all alone in first!


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