Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Game 2 Running Diary

Parked myself in front of the tube to watch Game 2 and I kept a running diary, Sports Guy style.

7:02 In his intro, Niehaus relates that Erstad and Reed worked out together in the off-season and that some scouts think Reed is reminds them of a young Erstad. Hendu’s response: You can kind of predict where Jeremy Reed is going to end up, A Darrin Erstad type player. I am simultaneously intrigued that Hendu is trying to predict performance in any way, amused that he is making his projection based on a single comp, and horrified that Reed might turn out like Erstad.

7:04 The Angels are wearing those new space age batting helmets. Ugh. They look like something out of Rollerball.

7:08 It’s only the second game of the season though and Vlad’s helmet is absolutely filthy. It is both amazing and gross.

7:11 Beltre makes a foul catch near the stands. The second he completes the catch, a security guy, literally tumbles out of the stands right near him. Why? Is he protecting him? There was no point really, other than to amuse me.

7:14 I like the high socks on Ichiro. I saw him wearing those in the WBC and I’m glad they stuck.

7:15. Hendu’s Wisdom: With 2 outs, you never want to make the third out at third base.
I guess its okay to make the third out with 0 or 1 outs.

7:22 Double Play! The M’s are going to be good up the middle this year. Really good.

7:33 Shiggy is doing color for Japanese TV. Possibly my favorite M’s commercial ever was the one where they are meeting with the Nickname Consultant and Nellie says, “He came up with Shiggy,” and Cameron looks stoned as he says, “Yeah, Shiggy.” Classic.

7:34 Johjima hits another homerun, this one a moonshot to left. No doubt about it. Hendu correctly points out that he’s on pace for 162 homeruns. And he might have meant it to be funny.

7:38 Reed tries to go from first to third on a bloop single to right. We’re testing Vlady’s arm? Really? Actually I remember hearing about him that he tended to spray throws around and COULD run on him. The throw beats Reed by a mile, but it bounces in front of Figgins and skips past him. Good scouting or lucky?

7:42 Lackey bounces a pitch and hits Ichiro. So it both bounced in front of the plate AND was a foot inside. Lackey really doesn’t have it tonight.

7:43 Two-run single by Lopez. See 7:42 above.

7:49 The M’s just got 5 runs. Who think’s Joel’s giving a few back here? Anyone?

7:56 What do I know. A two out walk to Cabrera is the only damage in the inning. Two K’s, including a zesty punchout of Vlad.

7:59 Everett pumps his fist in, I guess, frustration after taking a curve for strike one. That is veteran leadership right there.

8:03 With the long white batting gloves and his white wrist brace, Reed looks like he’s either taking some cookies out of the oven or hoping to dance with the Prince at the ball. Good look for him.

8:18 Not a big fan of the bunt of course, but it works nicely here as Lopez moves two runners over, which leads Sciosia to walk Raul to get to Richie. Sexy strikes out, but the more opportunities we can funnel to Sexson the better, I’m thinking.

8:21 Beltre catches a break when the ump absolutely whiffs on a phantom foul tip. You can see the ump clearly telling Sciosia that he heard the ball hit the bat. Replays confirm Beltre came nowhere near the ball and it should have been strike three. Beltre takes his gift and….strikes out on the very next pitch.

8:30 Hector Carrasco in. Angels owner Arte Moreno might be taking this “sign all the Hispanic players we can” thing a little too seriously when he pays 6.1 million (over two years) for Hector Carrasco to be his mop-up guy. What’s next, Ricky Martin gets 25 million to be the towel boy?

8:48 Rizzs busts out his Lou Piniella impersonation. Rizzie manages to make Sweet Lou sound perky and excited. A lot like Rick Rizzs.

8:51 ZZZZZZZZZ…Seriously, I fell asleep here. Couple o beers, dark quiet house, comfy couch, I'm out for three innings. Woke up just in time to see Guardado get the last two outs. Screw it, I'm posting it anyway.

10:06 Brad Adams tries twice to get Sexson to say that he wanted revenge or something since they intentionally walked Ibanez again in front of him (this time Sexxy hit a three run bomb). Twice Richie, says no its part of the game, it’s a good play on their part, I don’t run real well and it sets up the double play, etc. Despite this, Brad closes with, “Sexson makes the Angels pay, and I bet they think twice before doing that again! Rick?” Way to make the story fit your preconceived notions Brad! Nicely done.

M’s Win! M’s Win! M’s Win!


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