Saturday, March 25, 2006


Opening Day is just over a week away, and the blog lies dormant in part because of basketball, and in part because of the convergence of WAY too many fantasy baseball drafts.

Nevertheless, we're still here. Really. In fact, last weekend saw 80% of the authors all in one place...which might happen frequently, but not if we're counting me. Saw some excellent NCAA games in Salt Lake City.

Now I'm listening to Ron Flores pitch to Matt Lawton. To make things worse, it's Rick Rizzs and Ron Fairly babbling about windups.

Hmm. Perhaps it's better that I avoid M's spring training games. There's plenty of despair that COUNTS ahead of us. I ought to save my strength.

In any case, the Tatonka list will continue this week, and I'll finish up the New Beginnings series as well, so that we can project the AL West as Opening Day rolls around.



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