Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Tatonka List: 1995

This will be a short post, since the 1995 Tatonka is easy.

No move that the M's made could possibly inspire hope after the 1994 World Series was canceled due to conflict between players and owners.

Not since John McGraw had spitefully refused to allow his NL champ New York Giants to play the American League champions in 1904 had there been no World Series. Otherwise, no problem from contract negotiations to cheating to international economic collapses to global war had stopped the annual pageant called the World Series.

Baseball completely lost casual fans, while the more hardcore fans (which, frankly, were the only sort in Seattle who cared about the Mariners before 1995) were shaken.

It was a year with no Tatonka.

Tatonka List
2006 Kenji Johjima
2005 Adrian Beltre
2004 Eddie Guardado
2003 Randy Winn
2002 Jeff Cirillo
2001 Ichiro!
2000 John Olerud
1999 Jose Mesa
1998 Glenallen Hill
1997 Jeff Fassero
1996 Cerberus, er, Sterling Hitchock+Russ Davis+Paul Sorrento
1995 none
1994 up next


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