Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Despite its nail-biting finish, last night's game was pretty darn encouraging.

Johjima's second HR in two days? Check.

Big Sexy launches a homer? Check.

Joel looks REAL good for six innings? Check.

Putz and Guardado combine to allow fewer than 10 runs? Check.

I tell you, that's the formula for an exciting game. Oh, wait, I forgot one.

Beat the Angels? Check.


This afternoon, we throw newly enriched Mariner lefty Jarrod Washburn against his old team. I'm sure there's a storyline about revenge here, but I just don't see it. His quote on is "I haven't quite figured out how I feel about it yet. It's just weird." To counter, the Halos send Jeff Weaver to the hill.

Weaver is a baffling pitcher. From his early days in the Show with the Tigers, to the Yanks, and then the Dodgers, he's always enjoyed a reputation as someone with much more potential than he's been able to cash in on. This could be the year. Or not. I'm not as big a proponent of L/R splits as most, but Weaver has generally had more trouble with lefties than you'd like from a starter, so in Safeco he's a good bet to struggle against Ichiro and Raul. Petagine ought to start over Everett at DH today, as well, to take advantage of the right hander's platoon split. Shoot, even Jeremy Reed has an advantage here.

Mariners fans, we are currently tied for first place in the division, and it is NOT before Opening Day. That alone is reason for optimism. Can we make it two days in first? Not that it counts or anything, but we can remember these early days of the season in case of disaster later.


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