Monday, April 03, 2006

National Holiday?

Welcome one and all to REAL Opening Day.

The Mariners kick off 2006 by hosting the California Angels in an afternoon start (2:05 PT). Jamie Moyer (L, 43) faces off against Bartolo Colon (R, listed at 5-11, 250#--just keep the man away from the new Ivar's Clam Bake).

Clearly, what we have the most to worry about here is that Colon will eat several of the Mariners' smaller players. Secondarily is keeping Moyer from succumbing to the effects of age. At the first sign of him shriveling up, Grover's got to go to the pen so Jamie can rest. This would actually be quite a bit easier if the Mariners hitters could stretch out at least one inning against the Angels pitchers, in order to give the Ancient Mariner time for a power nap.

Lineups are supposed to be as follows:

Ichiro! RF
Lopez 2b
Ibanez LF
Big Sexy 1b
Beltre 3b
Everett DH
Johjima C
Reed CF
Betancourt SS

Figgins 3b
Cabrera SS
Guerrero RF
Anderson LF
Rivera DH
Erstad CF
Kotchman 1b
J Molina C
Kennedy 2b

Despite my flip comments above, and my generally pessimistic predictions for the season, today is Opening Day, and WE'RE GONNA WIN!!


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