Thursday, March 30, 2006

Roster Moves

You probably now the details by now: Morse, Dobbs, Nageotte and Appier to T-Town. That means Petagine and Borchard make the club, Bloomquist and Rivera make up the rest of the bench.

5 guys of the 7 man pen are set: Eddie, Putz, Soriano, Sherril, and Mateo. 4 guys, then are left fighting for two spots: Harris, Woods, Gonzalez and Fruto. I'm guessing Woods and Harris, myself, though Harris has not looked good this spring. I don't expect Appier to be willing to pitch in Tacoma for long though, so once he's healthy and stretched out, the M's will need to put him in the pen or cut him loose. It shouldn't matter because the 11th and 12th guys aren't going to get a lot of work.

I really like giving Petagine a shot, and Borchard is a perfect backup for Ibanez. Right handed, a little pop, better defensively. Unfortunately, one of these guys will probably have to go when Lawton finishes his steroid suspension. The guy that should go is Jurassic Carl, but we know that's not going to happen. On the plus side it might be easier to try and sneak Petagine or Borchard through waivers in 10 days than it would be now!


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