Friday, April 07, 2006

Ugly outs

I know that we should be basking in the glow of our success, but the crazy baserunning is going to be a problem, very, very soon.

Ibanez trying to stretch a double into a leadoff triple? Crazy! Don't let the fact that the umpire blew the call fool you. That was a stupid play. Let me tell ya folks, when Hendu thinks its crazy, its crazy. I'm not sure I agree that you should NEVER make the first out at 3rd, but I certainly feel that your slowest player (by far!) should never make an out at third when the opponent starter is having troulbe hitting 86 on the gun and everyone is knocking him all over the yard.

And the squeeze? Come on. I love the squeeze, I do! But lets recap the inning: Hard single by Beltre, homerun to Everett, deep fly out to Johjima, rocket triple from Reed. Everyone is teeing off on Loaiza. That's exactly when you don't give up an out for a run. You keep hitting! Keep putting on the pressure! Again, YuBet blows the bunt and then singles, but don't let the outcome fool you. It was a terrible play.

Okay, Tad calm down. 3-1, 3-1, 3-1. FIrst place, first place, first place. Hey! I do feel better!


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