Sunday, April 16, 2006

Too many Outfielders?

The TNT reports that Lawton and Petagine are on the trading block, although interetingly, the story has no byline and no quote from Mariner brass to confirm it. It does have a quote from Lawton where he seems to confirm that there is some trade talk, but could just be him responding to a leading question like, "Hey Matt, do you think the Mariners will trade you because they have too many outfielders?"

“I signed here and knew the situation, but yeah, I’d like to play more,” Lawton said. “I’m not asking for a trade, and I understand their situation. If something comes up where I can go somewhere and play, you bet I’d listen.”

So while I don't give any credence to the story, it probably makes some sense. Hargrove's got two good pinch hitters, but he can really only use one of them. He can hit for either Lopez or Betancourt, and then use Willie for defense and after that he's done. Without another backup infielder, he can't really hit for the other guy. He could hit Lawton for Reed of course, or he could hit Petagine for him and then play Borchard on D, but what I think he'd like to do is be able to hit for BOTH Betancourt and Lopez in the same game. Although if Lopez continues to slug .450, it may become a moo point (its what a cow thinks).

I loved that the M's sent Harris down when Lawton came back, it was absolutely the right move, but I wonder if Bavasi got it past Hargrove as a short-term move. Maybe they are looking to deal one of the pinch hitters for a prospect and then bring back a pitcher. Ugh.

Of course the guy that should go is Jurassic Carl (way to get caught off first base yesterday dino-boy!) but that's just talking crazy isn't it?


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