Saturday, July 22, 2006


Brutal game last night. Especially to be at.

The Red Sox fans are great, though. They started a "Lets Go Red Sox!" chant about twice a half inning and flooded the stands with "Youk!" whenever Youkilis so much as picked his nose. They actually spurred the normally staid M's crowd to a pretty lively state. Counter-cheers of "Red Sox su-uck!", and spontaneous "Lets go M's" cheers of their own! Without the scoreboard or sound system telling them to do so!!! Really!

But that was really the only greatness associated with last night's game. What did we learn?

Number of homers Jamie has to give up to get pulled from a game: 5
Number of walks Jake Woods has to give up to get pulled: 1

Level Sexson's average has to drop below before he doesn't bat cleanup: Well it was .190 on May 25th so he seems safe at .225
Outs Carl Everett has to make before he loses his job: 231 and counting.

Number of games between "#2 hitter" Willie Bloomquist's 7th and 8th RBI: 26

Can we just fire Hargrove already? Come on!


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