Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Couple of Coaches get the ax

Because the Eleven Game Losing Streak of Doom was clearly their fault, bench coach Ron Hassey and "administrative coach" Dan Rohn were fired today.

Actually, Hassey was fired at the end of the season, but choose to leave now and Rohn was just plain fired. Rohn, after managing in Tacoma for 5 years, was given the pretty much made up job as admin coach just this year. I always kind of thought they were keeping him around in case they decided to fire Hargrove mid-year. Apparently that's not going to happen.

In Bavasi's comments he goes out of his way to indicate that these were moves Hargrove was involved in and approves of. I don't think that precludes them from firing Grover at the end of the season, but it may indicate they are thinking of keeping him around. Of course if Bavasi gets fired, then all bets are off....


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