Friday, August 18, 2006

The Adventures of Willie and Grover

So Mike Hargrove decides to give Ichiro the night off. Everybody needs a day off every now and then yes?

And he's starting Bloomquist in center, so of course he has him lead off. I have no idea why Adam Jones hasn't played since Sunday. I understand that he doesn't look ready, but he's not going to get ready sitting on the major league bench 5 games in a row. It just makes no sense.

Willie starts the game with a strikeout. In the third with a man on? Strikeout. One out into the 6th with a man on? Strikeout.

In the 8th with 2 outs and the bases empty, down 3 runs? Ichiro pinch hits for Frakking Bloomquist.

Say what? Come again?

Why in the world would you use a guy in the 8th with no one on? What is the point? If you were going to have Ichi pinch hit at some point in the game how about the 6th when you had a man on and a couple of outs to work with?

I understand trying to give Ichiro MOST of the game off and using him late as a pinch hitter if something presents itself, but two outs nobody on in the 8th? In the NL you might hit for the pitcher in that situation but thats it!! Maybe down a run you might let someone hit there that could tie it with one swing, but down 3? It. does. not. make. sense.

For the love of Pete! Just fire the guy already.


At 11:15 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Hitting for the Port Orchard Sensation (POS for short) is the SAME as hitting for the pitcher. In fact, the real question is why didn't someone like Jo-el get a chance to PH for Willie in this situation (I mean, look at all the damage Pinata does around the plate...surely he can swat a single or even maybe get hit by a pitch).


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